Ebola Response Bulletin | 5 june 2018

The Ebola Virus Disease outbreak in the Equateur Province, Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), has been declared a public health emergency. IOM, the UN Mi-gration Agency, is working closely with the Congolese Ministry of Health (MoH) and WHO to contain the outbreak and address the needs of affected communities.
Population mobility, including cross-border movements, was identified as a signifi-cant risk for disease transmission in this outbreak, as the epicentre of the disease is well linked with heavily populated areas through land and by the Congo River. In order to mitigate transmission risk and control the outbreak, IOM, MoH and WHO conducted joint assessments at various points of entry (POE) to DRC’s capital Kin-shasa, to gauge the strength of the area's epidemiological surveillance system (photo below). IOM has supported the deployment of 16 epidemiologists, medical doctors, veterinarians, and hygiene specialists to key border areas to conduct POE surveillance, risk communication, infection prevention and control (IPC), as well as

Please read the full report in english on this link: Ebola Response Bulletin | 5 june 2018